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There’s an epidemic of anxiety and depression among lawyers that leads to disproportionate numbers of lawyers attempting and committing suicide. It’s important to recognize the signs of burnout and mental health issues before it gets too far.

my problems with #stopasianhate

My Problems with #StopAsianHate

With the murders of eight people in an Atlanta massage parlor taking up the entire news cycle (and, as I’m editing this, the mass shooting in Colorado), it’s been difficult for me to concentrate on personal finance. Many people assume I feel scared or angry...

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6 Surprising Psychological Problems with Early Retirement

Recently, I celebrated the second anniversary of the day I left my law firm job. And while it’s been tremendous, and I have no regrets about leaving, it hasn’t been complete smooth sailing because of certain psychological problems with early retirement. Most people question the...

glad diverse students taking notes while working on project

Why Friends Are Better than Money Experts

Too many people think talking about money is tacky. I’ll admit it’s uncomfortable and awkward, but anything worthwhile and unique has some built-in hurdles. Instead of talking money with friends, people turn to experts. Experts, however,  don’t much care if you succeed or fail. They...

you're good enough and people like you

You’re Good Enough and People Like You: A Pep Talk for Everyone

There are no shortage of marketers and, let’s face it, parents, telling us that we’re not good enough. It’s easy to fall into that trap, but I’m here to tell you – you’re good enough, you’re talented enough, and, goshdarnit, people like you. You have...

How Your Expectations Destroy Your Finances

How Your Expectations Destroy Your Finances

Being bad at math is often used as an excuse to be bad with money. Never mind that one still needs to learn about and manage one’s own finances. Still, no matter how badly one’s math grades were – money is not about math; it’s...

discuss politics without hate

Discuss Politics Without Hate: 13 Key Strategies

This seems like a uniquely divided time in our country. It seems like a time when discussing politics without hate, or even discussing politics at all, is impossible. Half of Americans feel uncomfortable discussing politics with someone with whom they disagree. 50% of Americans say...

how to deal with lawyer burnout

How to Deal with Lawyer Burnout

Lawyers, are leaving their jobs in droves. Pre-pandemic lawyers were exhausted. Now they face never-ending work life without the release of social interaction or adventure. It’s all a recipe for lawyer burnout.

how to make failure fun

The Easy Hack I Use to Make Failure Fun

We know that trying new things and meeting new people are integral to achieving our goals. But we also know that all these new things can lead to a lot of rejection. Rejection is hard! How does one motivate oneself to keep going even when...

Why I'm Still an Optimist (Yes, Even in 2020)

Why I’m Still an Optimist (Yes, Even in 2020)

Many believe that the world is objectively at its worst right now and that anyone who would say otherwise is stupid or ill-informed. To that, I’ll say you’re objectively wrong and, even if you were objectively right, you are still wrong to act in a...