Prevent Burnout by Gamifying Your Job

prevent burnout
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  1. Steveark says:

    This is so good. I went from intern to running the company and did it by making a glorious game of it. I never bought in on extreme hours and kept close to my wife and kept up our hobbies of tennis and fishing and running and skiing and hiking and later spending lots of time with my three kids. I am sure nobody else ever worked as few hours as me and succeeded at that company. But I also competed fiercely, yet kindly, for the crown and by the time I was 41 I achieved my goal. I was great friends with my competition, those following behind me and those above me. It was so fun! I never felt any burn out symptoms. My purpose was to help everyone I worked with, especially those I competed against, because that’s who I was. And its not a win lose deal, there is room for everyone to win. My proudest moments were when I was able to help someone else achieve their goals. Its rare to see a post like this, I was an engineer not a lawyer but I spent a lot of time with our lawyers and relied on them hugely to help our company prosper. They almost inspired me to go back to school to get a law degree but it just didn’t fit with my life by then.