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ten problems with biden's free college plan

Free College Education? Ten Big Problems with Biden’s Plan

President-elect Joe Biden, likely due to pressure from candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, promises to tackle higher education costs, by, among other proposals, making college free. But I see ten big problems with Biden’s free college education plan. This is not a tit-for-tat fairness...

discuss politics without hate

Discuss Politics Without Hate: 13 Key Strategies

This seems like a uniquely divided time in our country. It seems like a time when discussing politics without hate, or even discussing politics at all, is impossible. Half of Americans feel uncomfortable discussing politics with someone with whom they disagree. 50% of Americans say...

Read the News Like a Lawyer

Lawyers do not take in information passively. We’re poking holes and asking questions that I think every educated citizen should when reading the news. Here’s how you can also read news like a lawyer.