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Burnout, anxiety, and depression are rampant in the law. Many lawyers hate their jobs and their lives. It’s important to try to achieve financial independence to give yourself options. But sometimes you just have to rage quit. Sometimes you just can’t take it anymore and you learn to leave your law firm job and find something new. It can be an amazing journey.


The Number You Can Afford to Lose

My family got a $70 parking ticket on vacation in Canada. When she saw the ticket, my mom started cursing, yelling, and crying. This was shocking both because my mother has never been an emotionally effusive person and also because my parents are quite comfortable...

leave your law firm job

Leave BigLaw: How to Plan Your Escape

The best time to plan to quit your job is when everything is going well. So naturally most people don’t plan. Still, lawyers love planning and many already have the dream to leave their law firm jobs. So let’s do some fantasizing and planning. Learn...

how i afforded a year off from law job

How I Afforded a Year Off from Law

Over a year ago, I quit my steady well-paying law firm job. Despite not having a full-time job for almost 14 months, I haven’t worried about money. Here’s how I afforded my year off from legal work.

why you should pursue your passion

Why You Should Pursue Your Passion

I saw a FIRE blogger mocking the idea of following one’s passion. Instead, the standard FIRE plan is to find a lucrative job, save money, and then retire early to THEN focus on one’s passion. And granted, I’m a lawyer, and I’m on a mini-retirement...

hate being a lawyer

Hate Being a Lawyer? Why I Quit

I didn’t always hate being a lawyer. But at 11am on a nondescript Monday in February, I noticed that nothing unpleasant had happened yet.  That was unusual. And noting that peculiarity seemed like reason enough to quit my law firm job. I tell people it...