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Why I'm Still an Optimist (Yes, Even in 2020)

Why I’m Still an Optimist (Yes, Even in 2020)

Many believe that the world is objectively at its worst right now and that anyone who would say otherwise is stupid or ill-informed. To that, I’ll say you’re objectively wrong and, even if you were objectively right, you are still wrong to act in a...

positive stories during the coronavirus

100 Good Stories During The Coronavirus Lockdown

There is no shortage of bad things to discuss right now. It’s easy to lambast governments for their actions or inactions or to be indignant at people for not socially distancing properly or for panic buying or other acts of selfishness. We were already in...

navigate emergency without funds

How to Navigate an Emergency without an Emergency Fund

It’s not helpful to scold anyone for not saving for the present moment. And it’s a lot of people. 50% of Americans don’t have the emergency savings to live through the Covid-19 pandemic. Maybe you’ve just started your job or just started to get your...