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money ruining your relationship

Money Relationship Problems? 5 Ideas to Stop Fighting

Coping with money relationship problems? It’s easy to say that we fight about money because it’s scarce. But unless your fight is about student loans, gambling or property, there’s a good chance that the fight is not about a make-or-break expense. Most of our fights...

how nice girls can win

How Nice Girls Can Win

Why do nice girls finish last? Being “nice” is different than being “kind”, even though the two can look the same from a distance. Being nice is performing acts in order to get something in return. Being kind is treating people with compassion without any...

why womens empowerment is important

Why Women’s Empowerment is Important

I often found myself thinking about why women’s empowerment is important during the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone seemed to be treating women with kid gloves. My inbox tone was very gentle. The newsletters told me, it’s a big scary world and I shouldn’t feel bad staying...

why dating sucks for female lawyers

Why Dating Sucks for Female Lawyers

A money and power imbalance is why dating sucks for female lawyers. Couples often fight about money, particularly if the distribution of money is uneven. Money is a proxy for power, and power imbalances lead to disagreements. When the Woman Earns More Because of the...

how being single helps a woman's finances

The Benefits of Being a Single Woman: The Money

Being single seems like it would be an impediment to advancing in your career or to obtaining wealth. For instance, a significant other can halve your chores and expenses and provide advice and support – clear benefits. For me though, being single helped advance my...

myth of weak women

How to Raise and Support Strong Women

There are over a billion hits for articles on how to support strong women. Maybe we can start by crushing society’s tendency to teach women to be afraid. For years now, I’ve seen articles and social media posts discussing how #yesallwomen live in constant fear...

financial life of ally mcbeal

The Financial Life of Ally McBeal

When you think of the most famous attorneys – it’s a lot of men. Even famous fictional lawyers tend to be men – Perry Mason, Atticus Finch, Bob Loblaw. But there are also a lot of great female attorneys – real and fictional. And it’s...

15 financial challenges female lawyers

15 Financial Challenges For Female Attorneys

Personal finance is different for each person, and that’s especially true for women lawyers. Factors like giant student loan debt, no work life balance, lack of financial confidence, the glass ceiling – are just a few things that make navigating finances as a woman attorney different from others.