My Problems with #StopAsianHate

my problems with #stopasianhate
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2 Responses

  1. I don’t like the discrimination within Asian Americans, with career opportunities and in educational opportunities (I’m an Asian American myself). Also the stereotypes. I remember my Mexican friend and I were discussing the FIFA World Cup and there were no Asian American countries who made it far in 2018 or something like that. Then he condescendingly talked about how Asians weren’t good at sports.

    I told him that South Korea made it further in the World Cup than in any time that Mexico competed (factually correct). His ego got the better of him and he said “I bet you one (alcohol) shot that’s not true, I guarantee you we’ve at least won the World Cup once before”. He extended his hand out to seal the bet. I shook his hand to take the bet AS QUICKLY as I possibly can. I already knew that wasn’t true, Mexico never made it past the quarter finals while South Korea made it to the semi’s.

    When I rightfully collected on the winnings by making him drink that alcohol shot, that felt so sweet. Using people’s ego and pride against them felt right.