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There’s more to consider than rankings when it comes to law school. You have to figure out how to pay for it. That may mean saving before and during law school, taking a gap year or several, working during law school, and taking a job that pays well enough to pay off your loans. Also consider scholarships, grants, and employers who can help defray some of your costs. The finances are at least as important as the prestige of the school name.

reduce risk of going to law school

Reduce the Risk of Going to Law School

Law has historically been considered one of the safest careers to enter. With the rising costs of higher educations, stagnating wages, gluts of law school graduates, and, a global pandemic, that belief has largely been called into question. Even though law is not a 100%...

gap year before law school

Should You Take a Gap Year Before Law School?

Many people go straight through from college to law school. Many lawyers are unhappy. It’s easy to wonder had some of those people taken some time before law school to contemplate whether law was a good career for them. The answer from a lawyer: maybe....

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Working While Studying for the Bar Exam

Studying for the bar is a trying time – mentally, emotionally, and, often, financially. This year, whether it’s because the bar exam was postponed, or it felt too risky taking the bar during a pandemic, or because some weren’t successful during the first go-round- many...

Why You Should NOT Go to Law School

Why You Should NOT Go to Law School

I recently received an email asking for my thoughts on how an aspiring law student should handle the finances of law school. Given the extraordinary cost of tuition, I’ve previously written about why students should think twice (and perhaps three or four times) before enrolling...

reduce law school debt

7 Tips to Reduce Law School Debt

Step one to pay off  law school debt, is to reduce law school debt. That is, take out fewer loans. Though it doesn’t seem like you can do much to improve your debt while you’re in school and not working, but there you’re wrong. There...

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How I Saved for Law School: $65k in 3 Years

I managed to save $65k over two years for law school, but I did so in a dodgy way. I utilized tax savings and retirement accounts to up my savings. Did I miss out on huge growth?