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secret to health wealth and happiness

Health, Wealth, and Happiness: The Secret to Finding All Three

A few years ago, I realized I had discovered the “secret” to succeeding in the health, wealth, and happiness departments. I had lost ten pounds and was keeping it off. My legs had never been so toned, my skin was glowing, work was fulfilling, my...

how nice girls can win

How Nice Girls Can Win

Why do nice girls finish last? Being “nice” is different than being “kind”, even though the two can look the same from a distance. Being nice is performing acts in order to get something in return. Being kind is treating people with compassion without any...

be happy on a low income

How to Be Happy on a Low Income

It’s easy to think that the rich life is the happier life, but it’s sometimes easier to be happy on a low income. Fact of the matter is, opulence can be an impediment to happiness. For instance, my friends still talk about a certain buffet...

positive stories during the coronavirus

100 Good Stories During The Coronavirus Lockdown

There is no shortage of bad things to discuss right now. It’s easy to lambast governments for their actions or inactions or to be indignant at people for not socially distancing properly or for panic buying or other acts of selfishness. We were already in...

Read the News Like a Lawyer

Lawyers do not take in information passively. We’re poking holes and asking questions that I think every educated citizen should when reading the news. Here’s how you can also read news like a lawyer.

what introverts get wrong about extroverts

No, Extroverts Aren’t All Boasting: What Introverts Get Wrong

I wish I could counter Susan Cain’s groundbreaking book about introverts, Quiet, with one about extroverts, and I’d call it, Also Quiet. You may be thinking that if a book about introverts is called, Quiet, then a book about extroverts should be called “Loud.” But...

myth of weak women

Women, Here’s How to Finally Feel Safe

[*This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small amount of money if you click and/or buy a product from clicking on these links.] There are over a billion hits for articles on how to support strong women. Maybe we can start by  teaching...

how to help a depressed lawyer

The Epidemic of Lawyer Anxiety and Depression

A month ago, I logged into Facebook and saw a suicide note. Through the comments, I found out my friend had passed. I remembered the last suicide I had heard of -a young lawyer. Lawyers and mental illness are inextricably linked. While some commentators have...

50 tiny ways to find calm

Simplify Your Life: 50 Tiny Ways to Fight Stress and Find Calm

The world is stressful right now. It’s no wonder that you would be looking for any way to simplify your life. It’s an especially stressful time for type-A lawyers. Many people think being type-A means you’re a jerk, and there’s definitely a lot of overlap....