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outdated money advice

5 Outdated Money Tips That Everyone Still Believes

Reading quick money tips is my junk food. But sometimes the tips are so outdated, they leave a bitter taste in my mouth. A lot of (lazy) personal finance writers would argue that their advice is timeless but that cannot be true. The world is...

the 50-20-30 budget is stupid

The 50-30-20 Budget is Stupid; Here’s What to Do Instead

The 50-20-30 budget is one of the most popular budgets according to personal finance “experts.” In it, you spend 50% on needs, 20% on savings/debt reduction and 30% on “wants.” This is a terrible plan for almost every income and lifestyle. The 50-30-20 budget is...

how to finally feel like you have enough

How to (Finally) Feel Like You Have Enough

When I was paying down my law school debt, it felt like I was fighting for every last penny. I thought I would feel so much better after my debt was gone. But then, after I paid off my debt, I looked at my paltry...