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How to KonMari Your Finances

There’s so much bad personal finance advice out there – so much clutter. It’s time you all learned how to KonMari your finances. Get rid of the bad advice – the tips that are wrong, or don’t fit you or spark joy in your life....

benefits of saving even small amounts

The Benefits of Saving Even Small Amounts

The savings rate for middle-class Americans is low. The rate jumped to 7.6% in 2019, but that’s still far below what it needs to be to put Americans on solid footing. Now that we are in unprecedented times and unemployment rates are up, savings will...

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How Money Mantras Can Improve Your Finances

It’s common knowledge that one must control one’s thoughts because thoughts lead to actions. The same is true with money – how you think about money directly leads to how one spends money. So it goes that improving your relationship with money is an important...