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Lawyers are stereotyped as high-earning, yet many don’t become wealthy. Part of the reason for this is golden handcuffs. Lawyers think they have to spend to look a certain way and they get used to the perks of a high salary. The gold is very attractive but remember – they’re still handcuffs. Don’t get caught up in the lifestyle and ruin your life.

three day fast experience

My Three-Day Fast Experience: What I Learned

Everyone seems to be fasting these days – just on the internet, not in my real life. My real-life friends think this is weird. So here internet, this is my contribution – my three-day fast experience, what I learned. My History of Fasting After reading...

Why so much financial advice is wrong

Why So Much Financial Advice is Wrong

The internet is a strange and fascinating place. There is a wealth of information, but not all of it good. Lots of people write content just to sell you stuff. And others are just idiots. Even good-hearted people trying to impart knowledge can only speak...

How Minimalism Helps Us Remember What Really Matters

How Minimalism Helps Us Live a Meaningful Life

I learned long ago that I’m not an organized person. My hands seem to play tricks on my brain and I can never remember where I put things. But I have figured an easy hack to keep myself from sorting through heaps and piles of...

latte factor is crap

The Latte Factor is Crap: In Defense of Little Luxuries

You can’t write about personal finance without addressing the so-called “latte factor.” A personal finance writer named David Bach coined the term “the latte factor” for the idea that you could build up wealth by redirecting your small expenditures into savings. Quit your lattes and...

why you should buy stuff not experiences

Why You Should Buy Stuff, Not Experiences

The science is in and you will obtain more happiness by buying experiences over stuff! But, I just don’t buy it (pun intended). I say, buy stuff, not experiences! Ok, maybe I’m not going that far. I will, however, admit that I’m guilty of a love for...

how to finally feel like you have enough

How to (Finally) Feel Like You Have Enough

When I was paying down my debt, it felt like I was fighting for every last penny. I’ll feel so much better after my debt is gone. But then, after my debt had been paid, I looked at my paltry bank account and still felt...