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I Paid Off $112k in Student Debt and Still Support (Some) Loan Forgiveness

Throughout President Obama’s administration, there was a lot of talk about student loan forgiveness. Nothing happened and I eventually ended up paying off all my student loans in 2014. Now with President-elect Biden’s impending administration, more people are talking about student loan forgiveness again. Typically...

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Working While Studying for the Bar Exam

Studying for the bar is a trying time – mentally, emotionally, and, often, financially. This year, whether it’s because the bar exam was postponed, or it felt too risky taking the bar during a pandemic, or because some weren’t successful during the first go-round- many...

ten problems with biden's free college plan

Free College Education? Ten Big Problems with Biden’s Plan

President-elect Joe Biden, likely due to pressure from candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, promises to tackle higher education costs, by, among other proposals, making college free. But I see ten big problems with Biden’s free college education plan. This is not a tit-for-tat fairness...

We Need to Stop Normalizing Big Debt Payoff

We Need to Stop Normalizing Big Debt Payoff

I’m sure you’ve seen the clickbait headlines – paying off hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt in a ridiculously short time. Heck that’s me too: How I Paid Off $112,000 in Debt in 18 Months. My story is very boring. I didn’t win the...

Why You Should NOT Go to Law School

Why You Should NOT Go to Law School

I recently received an email asking for my thoughts on how an aspiring law student should handle the finances of law school. Given the extraordinary cost of tuition, I’ve previously written about why students should think twice (and perhaps three or four times) before enrolling...

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7 Tips to Reduce Law School Debt

Step one to pay off  law school debt, is to reduce law school debt. That is, take out fewer loans. Though it doesn’t seem like you can do much to improve your debt while you’re in school and not working, but there you’re wrong. There...

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How I Saved for Law School: $65k in 3 Years

I managed to save $65k over two years for law school, but I did so in a dodgy way. I utilized tax savings and retirement accounts to up my savings. Did I miss out on huge growth?

How I Paid Off $112,000 in Law School Debt in 18 Months

I was fortunate enough to graduate from college debt free. Then I had to go and attend law school where I racked up $112,000 in student loan and credit card debt. So you can add this to the unremitting list of “six-figure student loan debt...

15 financial challenges female lawyers

Why Female Attorneys Struggle Financially

Personal finance is different for each person, and that’s especially true for women lawyers. Factors like giant student loan debt, no work life balance, lack of financial confidence, the glass ceiling – are just a few things that make navigating finances as a woman attorney different from others.