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easy money tip that saves thousands

The Easy Money Tip That Saves Thousands

During this time of uncertainty, everyone is looking for ways to save money. Even small amounts can add up to an emergency fund or just that added bit of security we need to get us through. Here’s an easy money tip that has saved me...

why you should buy stuff not experiences

Why You Should Buy Stuff, Not Experiences

The science is in and you will obtain more happiness by buying experiences over stuff! But, I just don’t buy it (pun intended). I say, buy stuff, not experiences! Ok, maybe I’m not going that far. I will, however, admit that I’m guilty of a love for...

benefits of saving even small amounts

The Benefits of Saving Even Small Amounts

The savings rate for middle-class Americans is low. The rate jumped to 7.6% in 2019, but that’s still far below what it needs to be to put Americans on solid footing. Now that we are in unprecedented times and unemployment rates are up, savings will...