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Why aren’t there more lawyers pursuing FIRE? The Financial Independence, Retire Early movement may be difficult for lawyers who suffer from high debt loads and golden handcuffs. But financial independence is a worthy goal because so many lawyers want to quit their jobs and this gives them options.

most controversial personal finance advice

My Most Controversial Financial Advice

I started this blog in part because I thought internet financial advice was wrong or outdated or at least incomplete because it didn’t apply to someone like me. And without necessarily meaning to, my most controversial posts are the most popular because there isn’t much...

christmas without gifts

How A Christmas Without Gifts Changed My Life

Around this time, people start complaining about how stressful it is to shop for Christmas gifts. I just nod and pretend I have any idea what it’s like. I am fortunate not to have the stress of figuring out “perfect gifts” for my family, because...

bargain hunters are broke

Bargain Hunting Is Making You Broke

Most errands are boring, but shopping can be exhilarating. Stores have figured out how to convert the pursuit of saving money into spending too much. Bargain hunting is making you broke. When you think about it, shopping should be full and painful. You have to...

enfps can be good with money

How ENFPs Can Get Good with Money

When I found out I was an ENFP, I felt understood. The positive characteristics completely resonated with me. Then I read about the bad things – like being bad with money. Me? Daughter of immigrants? On a sabbatical after quitting her job? Though I’m not...

values-based spending

Values-Based Spending: Spend Money, Save the World

We often dismiss the effect of a single consumer’s actions. But our choices change us, and even changing one person’s world is very significant. And if you change enough of people’s worlds, you ultimately change everyone’s world. When we engage in values-based spending, we can...


The Number You Can Afford to Lose

My family got a $70 parking ticket on vacation in Canada. When she saw the ticket, my mom started cursing, yelling, and crying. This was shocking both because my mother has never been an emotionally effusive person and also because my parents are quite comfortable...