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values-based spending

Values-Based Spending: Spend Money, Save the World

We often dismiss the effect of a single consumer’s actions. But our choices change us, and even changing one person’s world is very significant. And if you change enough of people’s worlds, you ultimately change everyone’s world. When we engage in values-based spending, we can...


The Number You Can Afford to Lose

My family got a $70 parking ticket on vacation in Canada. When she saw the ticket, my mom started cursing, yelling, and crying. This was shocking both because my mother has never been an emotionally effusive person and also because my parents are quite comfortable...

leave your law firm job

Leave BigLaw: How to Plan Your Escape

The best time to plan to quit your job is when everything is going well. So naturally most people don’t plan. Still, lawyers love planning and many already have the dream to leave their law firm jobs. So let’s do some fantasizing and planning. Learn...