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overcome shopping addiction

Overcome Your Shopping Addiction

It used to be that we would spend our time and money trying to amass resources. But prices have gone down and shopping has never been easier or more omnipresent. It’s too easy to shop when we feel bored, anxious, happy, or sad. Previous generations...

How Minimalism Helps Us Remember What Really Matters

How Minimalism Helps Us Live a Meaningful Life

I learned long ago that I’m not an organized person. My hands seem to play tricks on my brain and I can never remember where I put things. But I have figured an easy hack to keep myself from sorting through heaps and piles of...

be happy on a low income

How to Be Happy on a Low Income

It’s easy to think that the rich life is the happier life, but it’s sometimes easier to be happy on a low income. Fact of the matter is, opulence can be an impediment to happiness. For instance, my friends still talk about a certain buffet...