Should You Take a Gap Year Before Law School?

gap year before law school
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2 Responses

  1. AJ says:

    Other benefits to taking working gap years:
    1. You will appreciate the relative freedom of law school so much more than when you were working full time.
    2. You go into law school with the experience of having supported yourself and knowing how to budget and deal with money. You’re less likely to make silly financial mistakes like your classmates. (Ex: Don’t count on getting paid jobs each summer, budget so that your loan money can get you though your summers and treat any extra income as a welcome surprise)
    3. It looks better on your resume and will make you a better interviewee.
    4. Gaining real world working experience and maturity that gives you a leg up at your first legal job. You may not know how to practice law, but probably know how to quickly respond to clients and supervisors, document your file, take notes when people give you instructions, provide good customer service, etc.