Why You Should Pursue Your Passion

why you should pursue your passion
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  1. Steveark says:

    I agree, a lot of this is a difference of semantics. I knew myself to be a math and science prodigy at an early age so I chose Chemical Engineering when I was maybe 11 years old. I never wavered and graduated with that degree from the inexpensive
    State U and had a career I grew to love as I gained mastery. The fact that chemical engineers made much better than average money didn’t hurt anything but that was never my goal. Most of my career I would have kept working even if I had found the winning powerball ticket on a sidewalk, it was that much fun! It was a lot of hard work at times, but like athletic sports that kind of hard work is fun if you are overall succeeding in meeting your goals. I think the best chance of success is to find a passion that is monetizable and pursue it, and if you also have other passions that don’t monetize well, then those are wonderful hobbies.

  1. March 24, 2020

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