Why Frugality Doesn’t Work

frugality doesn't work
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3 Responses

  1. I think frugal is a weird word, like it’s hard to say and gets caught in your throat. But I think it’s an ethos, and it can be aspirational.

    Like maybe someone drinks bottled water every day though their tap quality is excellent. They might not consider this activity wasteful, but many people would.

    By espousing the ideal of frugality, one can commit to finding where one wastes, and strive to improve upon it. And I think we can do this in a million small ways.

    The ultra frugal have gotten wildly different results, and that has made for interesting and sometimes inspirational stories. Do I think of Mr. Money Mustache when I bike to work? I do. He has inspired me to eschew the car every once in a while. Though I don’t calculate how many cents in gas I saved.

    Sometimes inspiration is found in the extreme. And you have to take extraordinary steps to leave an extraordinary life IMHO!

    • Lisa says:

      Frugal IS a weird word. Not as fun as Fraggle. Sounds a lot like scrooge, not ironically.

      I believe in reducing waste, according to whatever definition of waste you have. And when we’re living our lives according to our ideals, it can be inspirational to others – especially in a very wasteful world. Biking to work brought me so much joy, it didn’t even seem frugal to me. I’m glad you were inspired to bike to work.

      Thanks for reading!

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