What Happened When I Retired for a Year at 35

what happened when i retired for a year
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13 Responses

  1. anumhashim says:

    Love this post! I also left my job as an accountant over a year ago now, worked on some side projects and am now figuring out if I want to get back to the “corporate world.” Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  2. Kris says:

    Really enjoyed really your post!! Great to hear that you we’re able to do activities that you wanted do to and go out there and do it like rock climbing and swimming. As an avid reader myself, reading 100 books for a year is something I’ve wanted to do but never have time(just want to read five books this year) so major props to you and hopefully it provided you with lots of motivation.
    All the best with finding your next job and hope it fulfills your needs!!
    Btw as a basketball fan myself, try to hang in there as a Knicks fan. I’m a warriors fan and suffered through almost 20 straight losing seasons until their recent 5 year run to the NBA finals. So maybe the Knicks can turn it around soon.

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks for the kind words and well wishes!

      The power of the library, public transit, and audiobooks – that’s how I get all that reading done. Also, y’know, not having a job. =D

      I appreciate the optimism about the Knicks, but I’m also a Redskins fan and that still has yet to turn around. =D

  3. Do you plan on keeping your job at the gym if you get a full-time job again?

  4. Enjoyed the article! Sounds like you kept pretty busy for being unemployed. Just reading over 100 books would be accomplishment enough for many.

    It’s interesting to see how small decisions (getting a dog, rock climbing) lead to bigger changes.

    Hoping your next job provides the fulfillment you desire.

  5. Steveark says:

    I can see the appeal , but my career mattered a lot to me and a year off would have kept me from reaching my goals. Plus I rarely had any problems scheduling roadtrips to marathon races, sectional tennis competitions or any of the other half dozen active hobbies my wife and I share. I felt like I had plenty of time off even when I was running a large enterprise. Work was only 40-50 hours a week. That still left a lot of time to play. Plus at my level almost all my volunteer work was done on company time. It’s pretty cool to see into the mind and life of someone taking a different path, you might be the smart one.

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