What Do You Do with Your Time?: A 40-Hour Workweek for Personal Goals

40 hour workweek for goals
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  1. GenX FIRE says:

    I think the what do I do when I don’t have to work problem is my wife’s problem. We are between 8-10 years from retirement , and she is worried about what to do. Me, I have more hobbies and interests, so I am not concerned. I just need to figure out if any of them will earn a bit.

  2. This sounds incredible! Honestly, you are doing a lot of my favorite things (exercising, travel planning, reading) and things I look forward to doing (volunteering, organizing my home). My full-time job is luckily right around 40 hours so I have quite a bit of evening time. Usually I go on a walk or a run, call my folks or a friend, listen to a podcast, & do some chores around the house and before you know it the day is ending. Volunteering is an area I haven’t explored yet though. I enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lisa says:

      We likely have similar days. Volunteering is wonderful but it’s something I found many years ago. It’s an invaluable part of my life now.

  3. Ricky says:

    Great post! I am working on my own goals right now too! Will rejoin the workforce after my mini retirement is over.

  4. Love this! You’re really doing the work of “self-care”! It’s so important. While reading this, I was trying to figure out where my 3+ yrs have gone, or what this looks like at mid-life. I honestly felt like a good chunk of pop-culture leapfrogged over me, and I woke up and said…”who are these people?” In some ways that’s good. Throw in a couple health hurdles, and boom, the years off add up quickly. I’ve been finding things to do, but not without guilt as the wife remains the sole bread winner. You’ve got yourself a good framework here…but I’d be careful about being too optimistic about maintaining it if/when you return to full time work. In my personal experience…it’s just never worked that way. People that are driven, strive to be the best at what’s immediately in front of them. It’s good to taste it though…so you’ll recognize it when you want to return to it!

    • Lisa says:

      I think letting go of the guilt of “what I should be doing” was the biggest hurdle. I don’t know if any of it will be maintained when I return to full time work -but I also expect a less stressful job. We’ll see…

  5. Just make sure your potential partners don’t find out about your new bread making skillz 😉

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