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renting is better than owning
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  1. Steveark says:

    To me the advantages of buying include locking in most of your housing cost at a fixed rate. Rent will go up over time. The other benefits are emotional. Knowing you own your house, there are no restrictions. But it’s not much of a financial investment.

  2. my favorite line here comes near the end. what does anyone care what i choose or you choose for housing? go ahead and wring your hands over someone else’s choice. doesn’t matter to me. they’re not writing the checks and their blowhard opinion doesn’t matter.

    i’ll agree with you on timing and price. we got our massive stone house over 20 years ago. the mortgage payment (excluding taxes which we paid separately) was $520. maintenance is kind of expensive but we swallow that in order to live within an historic piece of art. plus, we have no HOA to tell us what we can and can’t do with our property. back to timing: the place is worth at least 4x what we paid and i’m pretty sure we would not pay the present day price if we were buying today.

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