If You Were a Billionaire, What Would NOT Change in Your Life?

if you were a billionaire, what would stay same in your life?
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  1. Steveark says:

    I’m no billionaire but I have a few million and it is more than I need. The only things I’d do differently would probably be to fly first class on air trips. I also might upgrade my 2008 daily driver car. Except it is such a cool car and no longer made I might not. But I also would set up a one hundred million dollar foundation and make one of my current retirement jobs being seeking deserving nonprofits to donate too. Once you’ve got more than you can spend already the lure of a billion is not a big deal. I do have a couple of billionaire friends who are two of the best people I know. They do have some extravagances like personal private jets and islands, but they probably live on a smaller percent of their assets and you or I do.

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