How to Stay Motivated After Failure

How to Stay Motivated when Progress is Slow
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2 Responses

  1. At first I thought to myself….”What can she really tell me about this?” but it was refreshing and practical advice. A big part of my reason for starting my blog was because I had seen young(er) people, having “fun with it.”. Topics that I thought were strongly in my wheelhouse. As my enthusiasm has waned over the years of doing it, it gave me pause for reflection on other aspects of my life: “career choice, relationships, hobbies” to name a few. You’re right about the “hell” thing too… when I’ve experienced true “growth”, I’ve always felt “ambivalent” and think… “Awww, man…you’re going to FORCE me to learn this and be great”. I said to a friend one time that I’m a “reluctant superstar”. I think that’s true with a lot of people. Sometimes we tie too much of our efforts to “monetary rewards” and that can be a BIG hurdle to overcome for making progress. Anyway…all good tips here. Something that needs to be revisited as often as necessary.

  1. January 4, 2021

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