How to Spend Money

how to spend money
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  1. Steveark says:

    Unlike Freddy, one of the smartest guys I know, I will die with way more than a couple of million invested but that’s ok. I’ll still have spent more millions than that. I’ve run many many marathons and I get the two types of fun. That’s a nice concept. My 65 year young wife is training for her next marathon right now. She’s a beast of a woman. We only spend on what we value, that’s the key truth. Great post!

  2. nice post. i think people forget the “why” behind saving sometimes. i know that i don’t want to die with a couple of million bucks in the bank. i want to spend it on things i like. i also think it’s important to distinguish between what we want and what the world tells us we should want. for instance, we spent a bunch of money to renovate our attic art studio in our house last year. it was worth every cent as mrs. me can now comfortably use the space in peak summer and peak winter when it used to be too hot/cold to enjoy. on the flip side i don’t think i’ll ever replace our crappy old kitchen floor or cheap countertops. i don’t care about those cosmetic things even though we could “afford” to do it. they don’t make the food taste any better or worse.

    • Lisa says:

      Exactly! No desire to die with a ton of money unspent. I also feel the same about replacing stuff you care about v. what you “should” care about. I drive an old car because I just really don’t care. That’s awesome about the attic art studio!

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