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Guest Post Policy

So you want to write something for A Lawyer and Her Money? Why? I mean, seriously, why? This is my personal blog. Go get your own blog. Your blog will probably be funnier and more popular and have a cuter haircut.

If You Still Want to Write a Guest Post

I have no interest in having other people write for my blog, but this IS a personal finance blog and I DO love money. In the spirit of Stop Ironing Shirts and Mr. 1500, I will let you guest post for the price of:

$15,000 for one post.

That’s outrageous, you say! Who do I think I am, Kim Kardashian? (Actually her rate is probably a million). I told you I have no interest in people guest posting. That’s not what this site is about. This is my personal blog with my own ideas. If you want to guest post here, that’s my rate. Take it or leave it.

There are millions of blogs out there that have a much larger following that will allow you to guest post for free. Check out MediaBistro for some ideas.

Further, in addition to the 15,000 USD rate (payment must be made pre-publishing), I reserve the right to change any of the wording of your post as I see fit. I reserve the right to reject the post outright (returning your money in that case). And of course, I will make it clear on the post that it is a promotional post, according to FTC guidelines.

Still interested? Go to the contact page and let’s talk. I love me some Venmo.

Idea shamelessly stolen from Stop Ironing Shirts with permission and encouragement. Idea originated from Mr. 1500.

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