Why I Changed my Views on Giving to the Needy

giving to the needy
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13 Responses

  1. Jenni@TTL says:

    I am happy to give where I can but I want it to go to good use. We started donating a lot more money in the past year through our donor advised fund. We always check out the the organizations on Charity Navigator and Guidestar to help us make a good decision.
    Modest Needs seems like a good choice for targeted donations and has great ratings as a charity too. It reminds me of AdoptAClassroom where teachers can post their specific classroom needs.

    • Lisa says:

      Its great that you’re using your money effectively! I used to give to DonorsChoose, which is similar.

  2. Thanks for your words on giving. I’m adding this article to my Fawcett’s Favorites next Monday. I have also found critics when they see me give generously. (They don’t usually see it) Maybe they don’t like to see me give more than they did?

    Dr. Cory S. Fawcett
    Financial Success MD

    • Lisa says:

      It could be. It really brings out the critics in people probably because of our own guilt on how much more we could do.

  3. The bad moose says:

    I love the idea of giving for a specific need. We gave a family one of our cars that we planned on selling. That was over 20 years ago and to this day they thank us for it every time they see us. At that time it was a life changing event for them that allowed them to look for better jobs they could drive to, help their kids participate in activities, etc.

    • Lisa says:

      That’s a perfect example of someone wishing for the gifts we could easily give to them. That’s amazing that you made such a big difference in their lives!

  4. Scott Wilson says:

    Interesting post. I have many of the same concerns. I love to help people who are grinding and doing what they can to help themselves but get frustrated helping if I feel the person is not putting forth effort. You inspired me to go check out Modestneeds and donate $100.

  5. Don’t the statistics show that the rich give less than the rest as a percentage of income?

  6. Chris says:

    Good article! I found you through “All Star Money” newsletter. We have similar values. Being open to opportunities to give can mean different things. I like the example you gave about the outsize tips, it is an easy way to bless someone. We have a few local benevolent ministries in our town that we try to give regularly to as we are led. They do good work. Other folks might have a heart for other things. The main thing we try to remember is to be open to God’s gentle (or not so gentle) nudging.

    • Lisa says:

      Yes, I’ve avoided the nudging for quite some time! It’s good to go back to thinking about being a helper and not a hindrance.

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