Why I Quit My Six Figure Attorney Job

why i quit my six-figure attorney job
Photo by Max Nikhil Thimmayya on Pexels.com

At 11am on a nondescript Monday in February, I noticed that nothing unpleasant had happened yet.  That was unusual. And noting that peculiarity seemed like reason enough to quit my six-figure attorney job.

I told people it was a spontaneous decision. I hadn’t picked a particular day, but I knew that day I couldn’t do it anymore. Rereading my journal, however, I came across this journal entry:

I just can’t continue on at my job. It’s never-ending. I’m constantly stressed and crying and there’s no relief in sight.

I wrote this in March of 2017, almost two years before I gave notice. They say it takes decades to become an overnight success, and it took me years to realize the toll that my job was taking on me.  I remember for so long actually liking my job.

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