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Most working women will take a career break in their lives – whether to take care of a child or family member, to pivot in their careers, or to have an adventure. Further, for female lawyers, the career break may just be switching from a law firm salary to something more low-key and low-paying. You want to keep your options open so you can go into a career that works for you. It’s important to plan for this inevitability, make use of the time during your break, and plot our your best career life. It’s important to never stop chasing your dreams.

relaunch after a career break

Tips for Relaunching After a Career Break

Most women will take a break sometime during their careers. Those same women want to know if they can re-enter the workforce or relaunch their careers after a break. The answer is yes, but the road may not necessarily be easy. Here are some tips...

lessons from a career break

7 Lessons Learned from a Career Break

I took a two-year career break from 2019-2021. Basically one year before and one year during the pandemic. It was longer than I expected, but it was a great, amazing time. Here are seven lessons I learned during my time off. 1. My Time is...

career break from law

How to Take a Career Break from Law

Most women will take a career break at some point in their lives. And with 2020 blurring the lines between work and life, more of us need a break now more than ever. But how do you know when it’s time to take a career...

save money for a career break

How to Save for a Career Break

The minute we start working, we start hearing the calls to save for retirement. Yet half of 18-34 year olds don’t save anything for retirement. Maybe the reason people ignore the advice is because retirement seems so far away. Perhaps the better advice when people...

returning to law after a career break

Why I’m Returning to Law After a Career Break

Quitting your job and still having enough money to live a rich life – it’s the dream right? I did just that in 2019. And I don’t regret it. But that period of my life is ending – I found a new job that I’m...