Why You Should NOT Go to Law School

should I go to law school
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I recently received an email asking for my thoughts on how an aspiring law student should handle the finances of law school. Given the extraordinary cost of tuition, I’ve previously written about why students should think twice (and perhaps three or four times) before enrolling in college and law school for financial reasons.

But students should not consider the cost as the most important factor. Still, there are many reasons why you should not go to law school. Here’s a blue print for thinking about the decision.

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How My Immigrant Parents Escaped Poverty (It Wasn’t Hard Work)

immigrant parents escape poverty
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Many people think the American Dream is dead – but immigrants like my parents continue to escape poverty. Spoiler: it wasn’t primarily through hard work.
It’s ingrained in the national psyche that “all you need” to achieve the American Dream is to “work hard.” But there are plenty of day laborers and minimum-wage or gig workers who will never get ahead. Hard workers are not hard to come by, but hard work is not enough to succeed in America. Truth is, America has never cared that much about hard work. Why do we keep perpetuating this myth?
My parents came to this country with very little and are very comfortable now. My parents didn’t work that hard. And by that, I mean to say, they weren’t toiling in the fields, doing back-breaking labor. They weren’t working crazy hours hustling. They worked hard on a few finite items that I believe led to their ultimate success. Here are the reasons I believe they were able to escape poverty.

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If You Were a Billionaire, What Would NOT Change in Your Life?

if you were a billionaire, what would stay same in your life?
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I was chatting with someone about who’d you most like to be quarantined with and we were debating the perks of being quarantined with a billionaire. He figured that any billionaire would have a fantastic personal chef, but I wasn’t so sure. Billionaires tend to have weird eating habits. Extra money means more options – it might mean you can try things you hadn’t had before. But money doesn’t change what you like.

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How to Spend Money

how to spend money
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When people talk about personal finance, they usually want to know how to save money. It’s a little odd that people would be more interested in saving money, i.e. how NOT to use money, then how to use it.

Money is a tool. It’s more important to know when to use tour tool than when NOT to use it. So let’s take some of the stigma out of spending and talk about how to spend money to create a better life.

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What Happened When I Retired for a Year at 35

what happened when i retired for a year at 35
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On February 4, 2019, I quit my job. February 19 was my last day at work, and February 20 was my first day of freedom. On this one year anniversary, I’d like to look back at what happened the year that I retired at 35.

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How Being Single Helps a Woman’s Finances

how being single helps a woman's finances Photo by Andy Vu on Pexels.com[/caption]

Being single seems like it would be an impediment to advancing in your career. For instance, a significant other can halve your chores and expenses and provide advice and support – clear benefits. For me though, being single helped advance my career. It turns out that my experience is typical for highly educated women professionals. Here are 9 ways being single can help a women’s career (or how being married/coupled can hurt it) and my experience navigating these obstacles.

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What Do You Do with Your Time?: A 40-Hour Workweek for Personal Goals

40 hour work week for personal goals
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Ever since quitting my job, everyone has been asking me what I do with my time. And I feel embarrassed to admit that I work completely on my own goals. Yes, I use what would be my 40-hour workweek for my personal goals.

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15 Financial Challenges For Female Attorneys

Personal finance is different for each person, and that’s especially true for women lawyers. Factors like giant student loan debt, no work life balance, lack of financial confidence, the glass ceiling – are just a few things that make navigating finances as a woman attorney different from others.

15 financial challenges for female attorneys
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It’s called personal finance because the principles are not universal. There are many unique financial challenges for female attorneys. If you’re a lawyer, you will likely accrue a lot of debt and no earnings while attending law school. If you’re a woman, you are likely to experience career breaks and disproportionate family burdens.

 You might ask why this site focuses on women lawyers. It’s because female lawyers face unique financial challenges that male lawyers or women in other professions might not, due to a variety of systemic problems and societal norms. These differences are not necessarily night and day from other people’s experiences, but it’s different enough to warrant different advice. Below I explain some of the financial challenges for female attorneys.

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Find Calm: 50 Tiny Ways

find calm
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The world is stressful right now. It’s no wonder that people are looking for any way to find calm in their lives.

It’s an especially stressful time for type-A lawyers. Many people think being type-A means you’re a jerk, and there’s definitely a lot of overlap. In reality, Type-A people just think that they are in a constant battle with time. Because of that, Type-A people are prone to stress and stress-related illnesses. And that can easily translate into being a jerk. For all those type-A people out there, or anyone else just existing in a crazy world, here are 50 tiny ways to find calm.

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